Sunday, June 3, 2012


Haaa rasanya dah lama xupdate blog ni kan.. mmg lama sgt2 rasanya.. heee~~  oke2, entry baru kali nie nak bitau pasal bisnes yang i buat lah.. nama bisnes i buat ni ialah Miss Caramel's Popcorn.. Popcorn yang i buat setakat nie ada 2 perisa. Perisa pertama adalah Caramel n Perisa yang kedua adalah Coklat. Popcorn ni i buat sendri..sbb i ada kepakaran dalam buat popcorn ni.. kira homemade lah.. =) Okey2, kita xpayah ckp bnyak sgt so i sediakan gambar2 popcorn i buat untuk tempahan orang ramai.. xkiralah bagi sapa2 yang ingin menjadi penjual popcorn di kedai2 mereka or ada bungkusan yang istimewa untuk dijadikan as door gift or goody bag untuk apa2 majlis seperti majlis perkahwinan, majlis hari jadi & majlis cukur jambul.. Harga yang ditawarkan juga adalah berpatutan. =) 

Lollipop Popcorn!!

Yang ni nama dye Lollipop Popcorn =)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Star ... =)

This song is specially for my love... =)

Star that shines in the sky
Star that shines far away from me
Seems like you came down to my heart
Star engraved in my heart
Star that shines in my heart
I think that might be you
Can you hear a quavering voice?
Oh star
Can you feel my passionate heart?
you’re my star
From a very long time ago
I know that you are the love I’ve been dreaming of
Let us always be together
Even if time passes
(hope that you)
Always shine on the same place
My heart, will only be given to you
Star engraved in my heart
Star that shines in my heart
I think that might be you
Can you hear a quavering voice?
Oh star
Can you feel my passionate heart?
you’re my star
From a long time ago
I know that you are the love I’ve been dreaming of
Let us always be together
Even if time passes
(hope that you)
Always shine on the same place
My heart, will only be given to you
The star engraved in your heart
The star that shines in your heart, I hope that is me
Forever I will love you
My eyes will only look at you oh
oh will you only look at me too
Let us be each other’s star

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Permulaan Cuti Semester yang Sedih... =(

Hai korang sume.... hmm nak dijadikan cite mcm ni.. kite kan bile ade cuti balik umah je mesti main2 dgn kucing kite..ade sekor nie kite suke sgt main2 dgn dye.. comel! tp pada tanggal 8hb Oct 2011 bersamaan hari sabtu pada waktu pagi.. mama kite masuk bilik...pastu dye ckp kat kite yang abah ade trlanggar mama xsure kucing yg mane satu.. hmm dgar tu je hati kite dah cemas..sbb mane2 kucing pun kite sayang.. mama ckp abah langgar tp kucing tu still boley lari..dye g lari mane pun xtaulah.. pastu kite dgn adik2 kite pegi carik mane kucing tu pergi.. last2 jumpe jgk... tp kite lagi sedih sbb kucing tu dah mati..n pling menyedihkan kucing yang mati tu adalah kucing yang kite suke tu..yg kite salu main2 dgn dye bile balik umah..dye xbrape besar lagi..sbb tu cute.. kite pegi tgk dye..kite pgang2 dye dah keras...dah xbrnyawa lagi..kite jadi sedih sgt...sedih sgt.. ='
upa2nye dye lari sbb nak pegi tmpat yang tersorok skit suapaya kitorang xnmpk dye mati...dye menahan kesakitan akibat dilanggar oleh abah kite.. sedihnye xdpt brade disisi dye..sedihnye xdpat main2 dgn dye..ckp2 dgn dye..sedih.. skrang ni xde lagi kucing yang kite nak main2..sbb lagi dua ekor kucing kat umah kite ni dah besar...n xsuke main2 dah.. kite rse sunyi dah.. bosan je rse.. tp nak wat mcm ne kan..dh ajal dye.. emm tu jelah nak citer utk entry kali nie.. korang2 yang ade bela kucing tu jagelah baik2..berilah mkan baik2..jgn dera kucing..jgn dera binatang...sebab segala ciptaan Allah dimuka bumi ini lagi2 yang tak bercakap dgn manusia sntiasa akan mendoakan kesejahteraan kite apabila kite berlaku baik dgn mereka.. sbb tu jagelah binatang peliharaan kite dgn baik..klu xmmpu nak jage baik jgn bela coz kite cume akn siksa mereka je.. okey.. smpai sini jelah eah.. tata korang sume.. ~~~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

kembali...lagi.. =)

          Assalamualaikum.. hehe
Emm nmpknye mmg lame lah eak kite xupdate blog ni..xde entry baru.. sorylah eah sbb busy sgt sepanjang semester..bnyk pkara yg perlu diselesaikan..tup2 dah final..lagilah xley nk wat ape dah..ngadap buku jelah kan.. =)
tp ape2 pun i will try my best with blog kite nie.. Okey mmmuah2!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dalam Pembikinan.. =D


saye nak bitau je yang blog saye masih dalam pembikinan..
harap maaf jika terdapat sebarang kesulitan..
cehh mcm nak buat ape je..
okeylah..tu je nak beritahu..klu ade ape nak tolong saye,boley je...

the steps that i can follow..rasenye.. =)

Take the stairs, not the elevator
You probably have heard this one before, but did you give it a try? A good friend of mine lost 15 pounds in a few weeks by just taking the stairs in his apartment building. Depending on the intensity, you will be losing approximately 300 calories for 30 minutes of taking the stairs and you will be improving your heart condition at the same time. Just make sure the stair case you are taking is safe, clean, well illuminated and ventilated to make it a pleasant experience.

Avoid the middle of the grocery store

That’s where all of the processed foods are. Instead, try to stick to the edges of the grocery store, where the fresh produce, whole grains, and dairy are. I personally love the flower displays and fruit and vegetable sections by the entrance. Fill your shopping cart there and you won’t feel like you need to put more stuff into your cart when approaching the middle aisles. This way you will be able to stock on healthy foods with least caloriesthat will make it easy to lose weight fast

Keep a food journal

Making notes in a small notebook or in your phone to record everything you eat and drink during the day would be a great way to control what you are having on a regular basis. Try it for a week and review your notes. You’ll be able to clearly see all the healthy choices you made and all the things you still need to work on next week to keep losing weight. Not sure where to start? See these awesome tips for keeping a food journal.

Learn what a serving size is

Another important thing is to know how much food a normal size serving is. A serving of meat or fish should be about the size of a deck of cards. A serving of almost everything else ought to fit in the palm of your hand. And most importantly, if you feel full, do not make yourself eat up everything you have left on your plate. Listen to your body and you will know when it’s the right time to stop.

Be easy on bread

It’s best to avoid bread altogether, but if you necessarily must have some, opt for wholegrain bread, rather than processed white bread. It has fiber and it has way less calories. And it tastes better too! It might take some time to start eating less bread, but once you do, you’ll see that this is probably one of the most effective and fastest ways to loseweight.

Soda alert

It will be perfect for your weight loss if you stop drinking soda altogether and substitute it with water. However, it’s not an easy habit to break. So if you absolutely can not live without your favorite soda, at least switch to diet or zero-calorie and try to have less of it. Assuming you drink 16 ounces per day, you’ll save more than 43,000 calories a year by ditching the soda and that will be a big improvement for your weight loss progress.

Drink plenty of water, especially if you feel hungry

If you feel hungry, you may actually be thirsty, as at first, thirst is translated as hunger in our brains. So try drinking a little water and in a few minutes see if you are still hungry before you indulge in a snack. Drinking plenty of water in general is very beneficial to your health and drinking water can help you lose weight faster. See the ways water helps you lose weight to know more.

Get up and move during the day

If you’re stuck at a desk all day long, take a few 10-minute breaks to walk around, climb some stairs, or even sneak in a little yoga. Find a colleague who also wants to lose weight and do these little things together. Get some ideas from 7 Exercises You Can Do Sitting Down and use this fast way to lose weight on a regular basis!

Sneak in a little exercise every day, even when at work

This would be one of the fastest ways to lose weight out there. If you are busy at work and can hardly squeeze in any time for a proper workout, try doing these great exercises not leaving your table. 10 minutes of these a day and in a few weeks you will find your muscles more toned and fat melting away.



Dance as often as you can. I know, for some of us it’s better to do this with our doors closed, and so be it! Just put on your favorite album and bring on those moves! Not only dancing will be helping you lose weight fast, it will also help you bring down stress levels and improve your coordination and flexibility. Now, that’s a win-win all around!

Do not give up

Every person who has ever tried to lose weight can tell you that no matter how much you want to achieve your weight goal, there will be a moment (or even moments), when you feel like giving up. It can be a physical problem, like catching a cold, or an emotional one, like running into your ex and his new girlfriend. But whichever that is, the only way to get through this is to give yourself a little time to be upset and then and only then get back to doing what you have been doing to lose weight fast. Don’t think it’s all over because you missed 3 yoga classes, jump right back in where you left off and losing that extra weight you have will be easier and faster than you think!

Do not starve yourself

This is a common mistake many of us do, when trying to find a way to lose weight. I’ve been there and from my personal experience I can say that skipping meals in order to lose weight is not working. First of all, it’s very hard and distracting, as you can not stop thinking about food, and second of all, the few pounds I managed to lose came back in abundance the week I started eating normally. The thing is, starving ourselves puts our bodies in a “starvation mode” which basically means the body is trying to reserve the very same fat that we are trying to burn off. And don’t forget what a toll it takes on your overall health and your metabolism… 

Walk or ride a bike

Walk or ride a bike instead of taking the car. If you live in a place that allows either one, you’ll be able to have the best time just walking or riding your bike while burning off calories and improving your heart and muscles. You’ll also be saving fuel money and money for the parking, which in some cities might be so expensive!

Keep busy

If you live by yourself and you have lots of free time on your hands, try to occupy yourself as much as you can and preferably, try to stay out of the house. It might be something worthy or fun, like helping in a local animal shelter, or going to the mall with your friends, or treating yourself to a professional mani-pedi. Whichever you choose will serve your weight loss well. When you are busy, your mind does not wonder and the chances that you will make a trip or two to the fridge for an off-schedule snack are going way down. And just think of all the calories you will be burning with all these activities! A definite must-try way to lose weight fast!

Fall in love

Falling in love often helps to lose weight. So, if you are single at the moment, do not wait for your body to become picture perfect before actually hitting the dating scene. Start looking already, nothing helps with appetite more than anticipation of your first date and first kiss. And when you find someone you really like, you’ll see how much less you will be thinking about food and how your clothes will become more loose in just a matter of weeks!

*ini yang aku nak ikutlah..hehe..
kalau mahu tahu dengan lebih lanjut carilah kt Google about 65 ways to loss weight.. =)
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